Change My Life Session

      We all want to change something about our lives. The kind of changes you desire may involve anything from your career or your health, to your personality or simple time management. But regardless of the specifics, all changes you begin have one constant in common: you. Any changes you make now will draw upon the same strengths, values and experiences as other successful changes you've made in the past. Unfortunately, you'll likely run up against the same blocks and obstacles you've seen before.

      Your "Change My Life Now" Session with Dr. Staab will help you to kick start the change process. After this one-hour session, you will have:

  • A thorough understanding of why you want this change
  • Three specific, attainable goals for your change process
  • Powerful motivations to make your changes happen
  • A detailed action plan for the first month of your change process
  • Confidence that you can make your changes happen!


Schedule your Change My Life Now Session  today!