Tracie Griffith Deaton

“When I found myself in a very toxic marriage, I filed for divorce and moved out of my home rather abruptly with my daughters. This time was the most challenging time of my life. Suddenly, all my routines, structure, and organizational systems vanished. I was unable to put much structure back into my life while dealing with the enormous emotional upheaval. I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water in all aspects of my life. 

 “Once I reached a point where I had moved on from group to individual therapy for divorce, I felt like I needed someone to help me move forward in my life. Looking at my past and reflecting on the hows and whys of how I ended up in an abuse relationship and my role in the situation was an important part of healing. Janice provided the next stepping stone to get me over the many hurdles and bridges that span the journey of my path forward in finding me again. She helped me to set personal goals and held me accountable so that I could regain the confidence I once had.“As an adult woman with ADHD I am constantly aware of the importance my daily systems of organization and routines are to my optimal functioning in both my professional and personal life. Normally, I take on these challenges myself. When I finally, I moved into MY new home with my daughters. I found my entire home packed with boxes and containers. It was daunting and overwhelming. I didn’t know where to begin. Knowing I needed assistance if I was ever going to be able to put those systems of organization back into my life, I decided to hire Janice as an Organizational Coach.

“Janice’s services far exceeded my expectations. Janice was my direction, my guidance at a time when I didn’t have the reserves to guide myself. She stayed right in the action with me and my daughters even sitting on the floor of my five-year-old’s bedroom helping her decide which toys to keep and which to donate to needy boys and girls.

“Whether you find yourself in a challenging situation such as I did or if you just want someone to come to your home and help you create a plan to organize your home so it is livable, comfortable, peaceful home; I would highly recommend Janice’s expertise.

“Janice has been one of my true gifts along my journey of rediscovering who I am as an individual and rebuilding a new life for me and my children. She is simply the best!” – Tracie Griffith Deaton, Health Education Consultant