Mary McGuire

“The philosophical coaching work I did with Jan was beneficial in so many ways. Perhaps the most important aspect was what makes her work so innovative: the combination of mind/ body/spirit work as a life philosophy and not merely a means to a specific end. Working with Jan, I learned something I had never been given in previous counseling or coaching experiences. Jan gave me the tools I needed to gain true insights into the life I wanted to live. In specific terms, that has meant learning to identify, acknowledge, accept and address those thoughts and actions that were preventing me from making the decisions I knew were best for me. Working with Jan made it easier to act on my decision to switch careers, to explore my future as an opportunity to realize a long deferred dream, and to break free from my negative patterns. I can’t begin to express my appreciation for the work Jan did with me. It has made an enormous, positive difference in my life!” – Mary McGuire AddThis