Success Stories

Carol Bastien

“Jan helped me through a transition period in my life going from my J-O-B to helping me find my passion and purpose in life. She was very helpful walking me through steps on gaining balance and structure to my day, week and month. She would always ask the right questions sometimes hard questions to help me reevaluate my thinking and reasons for doing things. Thanks Jan!!!” - Carol Bastien, Nutritional Consultant

Damaris Miltenberger

“I used several of the tools Jan helped me develop just this morning. I was feeling over-whelmed, feeling I had no control of my life. But then I remembered that that was my old way of thinking. I am the one in charge of how I respond in situations. Thanks to Jan, I was able to make a plan, set some goals, determine any obstacles that I should watch for, and begin to move forward. Prior to working with Jan, I might have spent days or weeks feeling overwhelmed, not being able to figure out what to do. This often led to feelings of depression. I’m so glad I found Jan at Life Signs Coaching. What a difference her coaching has made in my life and business!” - Damaris Miltenberger, Speech and Language Pathologist, Owner of The Language and Learning Center, Carbondale, IL

Katherine Poulos

"Jan worked with me on various habits that impeded my evolution as a person.  One of the things Jan has helped me with communicating. In the past, I have had  difficulties recognizing my needs, much less expressing them.  This trait resulted in a lot of frustration.  Many of my problems were never really getting resolved.

"Jan helped me to develop a way to recongnize my needs and effectively communicate them. A very small modification in how I think has had a large, positive impact on my life.  Jan has a talent for figuring out my deficits and then giving me the tools I need to improve myself both mentally and physically.  She has improved me!" -Katherine Poulos, Pharmacist

Kimberly Gray

"Dr. Janice Staab is an enjoyable conversationalist, which helps me keep a light mood as I work through my dissertation woes. While she has on numerous occasions refused to do my work for me, :) she has assisted me in setting goals. Dr. Staab also forces me to organize myself and develop a logical course of action to achieve those goals." - Kimberly Gray, Instructor, Department of Kinesiology, SIUC

Heidi C., Ph.D.

“I was working on my dissertation when I met Jan over the phone. I was stuck, frustrated, angry and out of ideas. Jan is one of the best investments I've made. I had never met her face-to-face and yet,

I was amazed at how quickly I came to trust her. Her tools and guidance gave me traction, both for finishing the dissertation (I did finish it and my Ph.D.!) and for my current consulting career. Jan is gold!”– Dr. Heidi C., Facilitation Expert and All Around Meeting Whisperer AddThis

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