Success Stories

Tedda Becker

"I was an out of shape, sluggish "over 60" grandmother, having done nothing about my physical wellness in many years. A friend suggested I see a physical trainer for help and recommended Jan Staab. Jan turned out to be more than just a trainer. She got inside my head and made it as much a mental exercise as a physical. We talked about all the reasons I was in less than good shape and determined how to change that. Jan was a loving influence, always showing concern and encouragement. She changed how I look at myself and how I feel about myself and, though it will be lifetime work, I feel really good about the changes she helped me make. Thanks Jan!" - Tedda Becker, Grandmother


Carol Fisher

“One size does not fit all. We come in all sorts of packages. Finally, we have a woman who “gets it.” Through imagery, self-confidence and kindly delivered suggestions that you will be sure to embrace, Dr. Staab poses situations based on your own issues and helps you move forward with thoughtful questions to ponder and an appreciation of yourself. Working on ourselves is often awkward; however Dr. Staab takes you through your journey with kindness, sincere focus and thoughtful insight. To awaken our self-realization and be aware of ourselves, freedom has arrived at Life Signs. Embrace it!” - Carol Fisher, Workforce Learning and Development Officer, SIUC 


Michael Holub

"Coaching as practiced by Jan brings one closer to personal fulfillment first by showing the individual what it is that personally fulfills. Jan’s coaching never TELLS the individual what it is that s/he believes or should believe. What you take from each session feels like it was yours in the first place, not something acquired from a third party.

Coaching with Jan was extremely valuable because it allowed me to re-visit behaviors and address relapsed behavior when necessary...and believe me it is necessary. In my thirteen months with Jan, I learned a lot. I truly felt the experience was life enhancing. Thanks for all you helped me discover about myself." - Michael Holub, Dentist