Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

I was a university professor for 12 years, so I know how challenging academic life is. Daily, you’re asked to be teacher, adviser, student, writer, editor, researcher, presenter, administrator and more all without missing a beat.

I’m sure there are days when stress and pressure cause you to wonder if it’s worth the trouble. Perhaps you’re a grad student or new faculty member trying to complete a dissertation and teach at the same time. Maybe you are caught up in the race for tenure and promotion leaving little time left for other things that give you joy and purpose.

Or perhaps you’re spending so much time on committee work and other academic obligations that you’ve lost touch with your first love…that spark that drew you to your discipline in the first place.

If you find yourself needing support for your current academic challenges, I’d love to help! Academic Coaching may be for you if you're

>   Having trouble deciding whether or not to begin or continue in a Ph.D. program

>   Trying to complete a dissertation and can’t see the way out of permanent ABD

>   Driving yourself crazy trying to complete a tenure dossier

>   Not sure whether tenure is a haven or a prison for you

>   Losing the passion you once felt for your academic career

>   Letting academic life control your entire life

>   Are sure you need a career change, but don’t know where to begin


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College Essay Coaching

“Jan was a tremendous help to both of my daughters as they were engaged in the application process for undergrad and medical school.  Both of them are very high achievers and had high aspirations regarding the schools they intended to be accepted into. 
“Jan coached them through the essay writing process.  They had both applied to over a dozen schools.  It was the synthesizing down of all the information that Jan guided them through that made the process less daunting and more enjoyable.  Jan was able to help them see the common themes of the essay prompts and then focus them on telling their stories with clarity and passion.  The essays turned out beautifully.
“My oldest daughter was granted an interview at 3/4 of the medical schools she applied to, and ultimately was accepted into her first choice.  She is a thriving med student.  My youngest was accepted in all 12 schools, as well as the business school where she ultimately decided to attend. 
‘Jan is a master at her craft!” - D.R. (name withheld to protect students' privacy)

Kimberly Gray

kim gray

"Dr. Staab is an enjoyable conversationalist which helps me keep a light mood as I work through my dissertation woes. While she has on numerous occasions refused to do my work for me :) she has assisted me in setting goals. Dr. Staab also forces me to organize myself and develop a logical course of action to achieve those goals." - Kimberly Gray, Instructor, Department of Kinesiology, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Heidi C., Ph.D.

“I was working on my dissertation when I met Jan over the phone. I was stuck, frustrated, angry and out of ideas. Jan is one of the best investments I've made. I had never met her face-to-face and yet, I was amazed at how quickly I came to trust her. Her tools and guidance gave me traction, both for finishing the dissertation (I did finish it and my  Ph.D.) and for my current career. Jan is gold.” – Dr. Heidi C., Facilitation Expert and All-Around Meeting Whisperer