Is Life Coaching Right for Me?

Is Life Coaching Right for Me?


Can life coaching do anything to help me? Can coaching make my life better? That's the real question you want answered, right? Well, if you see yourself in any of the following scenarios, then coaching may be just the thing for you.

Do you want or need to:


  • Overcome limiting habits and behaviors
  • Create new life affirming habits
  • Balance personal and professional lives
  • Prioritize your activities according to your needs and values
  • Make time for yourself in your own life
  • Set and attain personal and professional goals
  • Clarify and understand your personal beliefs and their effects
  • Stay motivated and committed to your growth
  • Organize and manage your time and space
  • Communicate your own needs
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn to communicate with an honest, authentic voice
  • Expand your leadership skills
  • Learn to love and respect yourself and live a life based on your values and desires
  • Be happier with yourself and your choices!

The reasons clients have sought my help as a life coach are as varied as the clients  themselves. Some had just gotten fed up with old, unhealthy habits and felt trapped in a life they didn't  know how to change. Others had had it with an unfulfilling career or relationship and wanted something better. Many were going through difficult life transitions like divorce, death of a loved one or the empty nest syndrome. When your life is recovering from crisis, I can help!

But you don’t have to be in a crisis to benefit from life coaching. In fact, it’s sometimes harder to change your life when you’re stuck in neutral than when a crisis is looming. Perhaps life has gotten dull and predictable. You want to change, but haven’t the slightest idea what you want to change to! You’ve spent your entire life taking care of home and kids and job responsibilities, so much so that you have gotten lost in the shuffle. You used to be a confident, capable woman, but lost your self-confidence over the years. You don’t know yourself anymore. When you feel stuck and have trouble taking the first step to change, I can help!

Then again, maybe your life is just fine as it is. Your job has little stress and pays well. Your family is happy. But every now and again, you think of that lifelong dream you’ve never tried. You think of the new business you’d like to open. You think that you’d really like to do more with your life. You know there must be more to life than you have seen so far. With a little more of motivation and effort, your fine life could become a masterwork… your masterwork! When fine is no longer good enough, I can help!


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